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Funny Groom Speeches

Adding humour to any wedding speech is generally speaking a real crowd pleaser. In fact you can find a lot of FUNNY GROOM SPEECHES and jokes on the net but a word of warning….

Don’t Over Do It!

Groom Speeches are customarily the opportunity for the groom to speak lovingly of his new wife and personally thank all the wedding guests, family, the bridesmaids, even the caterers. Not to recount the latest dirty joke he heard down the pub… as tempting as that maybe.

Groom speech humour is all about saying the right words at the right time and the use of humour and the odd one liner or joke in any grooms speech can help keep your guests enertained and keep you and your bride the centre of attention all at the same time. However keep things poigniant and don’t be personal or offensive.

The Secret To Humorous Grooms Speeches

The wedding is a long day and most people would have already sat through your church vows and wedding photographs and just listened to the father of the bride speech, so their concentration can easily be elsewhere. Its also an emotional time for everyone and humour can help keep your guests relaxed and focused.

Funny groom wedding speeches should contain just the right mix of humour, humility and compassion. By saying a few meaningful and emotional words about your bride or about how you both met, before adding a touch of humour will keep all the wedding guests smiling and listening intently.

In fact saying a few heartfelt sentiments and a thank you, then adding a little humour also helps break groom speeches up. It isn’t a lecture after all. It’s a toast… your wedding toast.

Of course reading through some example grooms speeches will give you a good idea of how to do this and how will envirably help you to write your own funny grooms speech. But you should also practice delivering it. Preferably in front of friends, before your big day, so you feel comfortable saying it out loud. You should feel like you’re having a converstaion with old friends and for the most part you will be, so try and treat it as such. Relax and enjoy it.

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