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Groom Speeches – The Hard Way Or The Easy Way

Thankfully This Was Just A Best Man Giving His Speech!

But would you want your grooms speeches to sound like this?

Believe it or not there is a hard way and an easy way to writing GROOM SPEECHES, as there is in almost anything in life.

A way that makes you sound not only professional, heartfelt and sincere but also a way to deliver it with ease even if you never done it before.

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Want the hard way…. keep reading

If you are like the thousands of other bridegrooms out there, you probably already know the hard way to writing grooms speeches or are just starting to realise. You see the hard way takes a lot of reading, a lot of research and a lot of time.

You’ll need to know the order of speeches, the groom speech structure and speech etiquette.

Now there is nothing wrong with that. In fact this is what this site is all about. Helping you achieve just that. But what if you could get hold of example groom speeches, templates, hundreds of grooms speeches quotes, jokes and one liners.

In fact grooms speeches that literally took you by the hand and sculpted you an outstanding grooms speech to remember, just by clicking here.

A lot easier we sure you’d agree. None the less there are still plenty of bridegrooms looking for free grooms speeches and free groom speech examples on the net.

That’s understandable. Many are probably completely unaware that such guides to grooms speeches, that will make you the toast of any wedding, are cheaper than a pizza. And with the expense of weddings nowadays, anything with the word free in it is always an attraction.

But Free Does Come At A Cost… Time.

With so much else involved in planning the wedding, like booking and organising the church, the reception, photographer, flowers, honeymoon etc.

Time is something most bride and grooms arranging a wedding have precious little of. Now it may also be, because groom speeches are considered the most difficult of wedding speeches to write, they are put off to the last minute.

This can be a big mistake. No pressure but as you probably all to well aware, grooms speeches are pivotal in the success and enjoyment of any wedding day and a moment you really can’t afford to get wrong.

But don’t worry… you won’t! You have everything you need right here to make your big day a memorable one!

Bride And Groom Speeches

BRIDE AND GROOM SPEECHES are really just an extended grooms speeches, that give you both the opportunity to thank those involved personally and both relate heartfelt or amusing stories of how you both met.

With more and more married couples performing  a separate bride and groom speech, you should consider the benefits and drawbacks before reaching a decision yourselves.

Traditionally speaking the bride groom usually makes a speech on behalf of himself and his bride by starting his speech “My Wife and I…”.

Naturally this instantly raises a few smiles amongst the wedding guests that have just witnessed the momentous occasion of the wedding ceremony itself and especially amongst those that may have been waiting months or even years for you to tie the knot.

But Is a Bride and Groom Speech For You?

If you are contemplating making a bride and groom wedding speech there are few things that you should consider and of course there are some pros and cons for which you need to decide suit you best as a couple.

First and foremost would be, is your fiancee happy to make her own speech. With all the other wedding plans and arrangements to make does she indeed want the added pressure. Of course if she is a natural born speaker this could indeed take some pressure away from you or it could do quite the opposite.

Although there is really no set structure to a brides speech she would generally speak after you and before the best man. If you are both happy with that, then you would need decide who thanks who.

You may decide that you will thank the men; the best man and page boys etc while your bride will thank the girls; the page girls and bridesmaids etc. This has the obvious benefit of breaking up and shortening your speech and making it less like a big list of thank you’s but will also carry the risk you’ll end up thanking some people twice and others not at all.

Don’t Write Your Speeches Seperately

If you do decide bride and groom speeches are for you, then you will propably need to write them together or at least find some time to compare notes. By all means include and suprise each other with some sincere compliments and loving messages for one another but recounting the same story of how you met when it has already been told, especially if its different to your partners is not the best place to start.

Funny Groom Speeches

Adding humour to any wedding speech is generally speaking a real crowd pleaser. In fact you can find a lot of FUNNY GROOM SPEECHES and jokes on the net but a word of warning….

Don’t Over Do It!

Groom Speeches are customarily the opportunity for the groom to speak lovingly of his new wife and personally thank all the wedding guests, family, the bridesmaids, even the caterers. Not to recount the latest dirty joke he heard down the pub… as tempting as that maybe.

Groom speech humour is all about saying the right words at the right time and the use of humour and the odd one liner or joke in any grooms speech can help keep your guests enertained and keep you and your bride the centre of attention all at the same time. However keep things poigniant and don’t be personal or offensive.

The Secret To Humorous Grooms Speeches

The wedding is a long day and most people would have already sat through your church vows and wedding photographs and just listened to the father of the bride speech, so their concentration can easily be elsewhere. Its also an emotional time for everyone and humour can help keep your guests relaxed and focused.

Funny groom wedding speeches should contain just the right mix of humour, humility and compassion. By saying a few meaningful and emotional words about your bride or about how you both met, before adding a touch of humour will keep all the wedding guests smiling and listening intently.

In fact saying a few heartfelt sentiments and a thank you, then adding a little humour also helps break groom speeches up. It isn’t a lecture after all. It’s a toast… your wedding toast.

Of course reading through some example grooms speeches will give you a good idea of how to do this and how will envirably help you to write your own funny grooms speech. But you should also practice delivering it. Preferably in front of friends, before your big day, so you feel comfortable saying it out loud. You should feel like you’re having a converstaion with old friends and for the most part you will be, so try and treat it as such. Relax and enjoy it.

Groom Speech Examples And Templates

GROOM SPEECH EXAMPLES and groom speech templates can be a great help in structuring groom speeches, especially if you have no idea where to begin. You can easily take the best parts from a variety of great grooms speeches and use them to create the best groom speech ever. Or you can use  sample grooms speeches to prompt you into writing your own inspirational groom toast, without ever suffering from the dreaded writers block.

Getting It Right

In fact one of the best things about many example groom speeches is that they allow you to simply fill in the gaps as you go along, creating the exact format, layout and order of your speech.

You’ll get to know:-

The opening lines to say
The one liners to tell
Who to thank and when
Heartfelt messages for your bride
Acceptable jokes and quotes and when to deliver them
Guest participation
and more…

Groom Speeches The Easy Way

These elements are really what make up a great grooms speech and with these groom speech examples you really can’t go wrong. They’ll prevent your own speech from being both to short or to long and keep everything structured in such a way your grooms speech will have a natural flow that will make it both perfect and unforgettable.

Groom Speech Tips Ideas And Advice

When it comes to delivering  great grooms speeches,  knowing some GROOM SPEECH TIPS like the etiquette, structure and order of the wedding speech toasts will certainly help.

Who Goes First?

The father of the bride will traditionally start the ceremony of speeches, thanking your parents, complimenting his daughter and proposing a toast to the “Bride and Groom”.

This is the cue for your bride groom speech. So be sure to thank him, welcome everyone into the family and pay special thanks to everyone else especially those that have made a special effort to be there for you both on your big day.

What Else Should You Say?

Now some newlyweds enjoy giving a Bride and Groom Wedding Speech together. This can be a display of your recent union and a chance to thank everyone together. This is something you should discuss with your fiancee early on but either way you need to say some heartfelt words about your wife, toast the bridesmaids and say a few words about your best man who will be speaking next.

Regardless of your probable long term friendship with the best man, it is of course his role to tell some embarrassing stories about you so if you want to discredit him with some Groom Speech Jokes of your own now is your opportunity.

More Groom Speech Tips And Advice

#Try and plan ahead. The sooner you start preparing your grooms speeches the better.

# Don’t under any circumstances say anything that might upset your bride. This is one of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make. Upsetting almost all at the wedding and one you’ll probably never live down. Think wedding videos! Replays! In Laws!
# As obvious at may seem and something that ties in with the tip above, do not talk about your ex or previous relationships. Your wedding day seriously isn’t the time or the place for that, no matter how funny the story maybe.

# We know you maybe nervous but try to refrain from hitting the bar until after your grooms speech. As tempting as it maybe, drink can be your worse enemy and completely ruin a well planned wedding toast. Forgetting to thank someone is one thing but saying the wrong thing entirely is something else.

The Best Groom Speeches

GROOM SPEECHES are without a doubt pivotal to the success of any wedding. Those grooms performing the  best grooms speeches will be the toast of the day, pleasing both their new bride and their new in laws in a single moment. For those bridegrooms that get it wrong, it can be a totally different story!

Grooms speeches are therefore understandably considered to be the most important speech of the whole wedding day. Over and above even that of the father of the bride speeches and best man speeches.

And rightly so…

Whilst the father of the brides speech maybe of a more serious tone and the best mans completely the opposite. Full of humour, jokes and anecdotes aimed at embarrasing the groom as much as possible. Grooms speeches need to be somewhere in between the two…. A fine balance of both humour, humilty and seriousness, which is why groom speeches are enveriably the hardest not only to write but to deliver too.